THE ARTISTWORKS ACADEMY OF BLUEGRASS (AAOB) presents the most comprehensive beginner, intermediate and advanced online video lessons for flat pick guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dobro and bass - combined with online chat, forums, study materials and exclusive interviews that are accessible 24/7. You'll have everything you need at your fingertips, regardless of your skill level. You can also learn through Video Exchange™ with your teacher and watch everyone else's too!

AAOB sites offer much more than one-sided learning like DVDs and downloads, because each student can send their teacher recorded videos of themselves practicing and receive a personalized Video Reply of instruction. All sites connect to the AAOB online Hub where players of all instruments can come together to share ideas and the love of bluegrass.

Click here to see Sample Lessons from all the schools. No minimum skill level required.

Membership Plans include 3 months for $90, 6 months for $150 and 1 year for $240

News and Updates

Academy of Bluegrass six-hour maintenance outage is imminent
December 4, 2012

The Academy of Bluegrass is moving to new servers in less than one hour. To do this migration, the AOB will be taken off-line today at 1:00 PM EST (06:00:00 p.m GMT). Please log off before that time. The maintenance is expected to take around six hours.

Tony Trischka Awarded 2012 USA Fellowship
December 4, 2012

usa fellow tony trischkaTony Trischka has been awarded a 2012 USA Fellowship. The awards are given each year to American artists who not only have exceptional skill, but who also are highly influential in their field. The award comes with a $50,000 grant, which Tony says he would love to invest into a Civil War project. Read more on Bluegrass Today

New Banjo Lessons: Improvisation
November 30, 2012

We just added Tony's 3 part banjo lesson on Improvisation, find it in Intermediate Banjo or just click below to jump to part 1! 

banjo lessons

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The Technology

Our Learning Approach:

Our Learning Approach
The AOB consists of five academies, divided by instrument. Each of the five award-winning AOB musician/teachers presents a separate, encyclopedic curriculum of their instrument. All levels, from beginner to extremely advanced, are covered in the curriculum. The curriculum is divided into dozens of "bite-sized" lessons. These lessons were custom-created especially for the AOB and are not available anywhere else.

How the Classes Work

How it Works:

How It Works
The AOB utilizes ArtistWorks' award-winning Video Exchange approach to online learning. Learning via Video Exchange gives students the unique ability to receive specific feedback and guidance from a virtuosic teacher of their instrument. It works like this: A student enrolls in one of the ArtistWorks' Academy of Bluegrass schools, and begins to work on the material, material that was especially created by their teacher.

The Sponsor

Meet our Teachers:

Meet our Teachers
The ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass includes an All-Star Cast of Bluegrass Teachers as heads of each of the AOB Schools. Each of the AOB faculty was hand picked not only because they are great players but also great teachers. Meet the AOB Teachers:

Tony Trischka, banjo
Bryan Sutton, guitar
Darol Anger, fiddle
Mike Marshall, mandolin
Missy Raines, bass
Andy Hall, dobro

About the Artist

The History of Bluegrass:

The History of Bluegrass
The various types of music brought with the people who began migrating to America in the early 1600s are considered to be the roots of bluegrass music---including dance music and ballads from Ireland, Scotland and England, as well as African American gospel music and blues.

While many fans of bluegrass music date the genre back to 1939, when Bill Monroe formed his first Blue Grass Boys band, most believe that the classic bluegrass sound jelled in 1945.